Blessed Chiku Chips

Bigger Arrowheads means better taste and aroma once your put the chiku chips into your mouth. Indulge yourself in the heavenly taste that is superb!

Ingredients: Salt, Vegetable Oil & Arrowhead
Net Weight: 150g
Country of Produce: Malaysia

Price : $16.80

Cuttlefish Seaweed

This is one of the item that you will not stop munching on it. It is our cuttlefish seaweed waving to you! Can you resist?!

Ingredients: Fish Snack, Chilli, Cuttlefish, Seaweed, Sugar & Monosodium Glutamate
Net Weight: 100g
Country of Produce: Malaysia

Price : $16.80

Crab In A Stick

Crabs in a stick? Yes, now you have them here in Little Nonya's Cookies!

Ingredients: Fish Meat, Crab Flavouring, Oil & Salt
Net Weight: 200g
Country of Produce: Malaysia

Price : $$16.80
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