About Us

Little Nonya’s Cookies & Cuisine


Founded in 2007, Little Nonya’s Cookies relies on three generations of Peranakan food heritage to infuse their pastries with the unmistakable taste of Nonya-style cooking. Best known for fan favourites like Happy Kueh Bangkit, Vibrant Green Peas, Lucky Almonds, Money Egg Roll and Golden Pumpkin Seeds Crisp, Little Nonya’s Cookies prides itself on its technique and premium ingredients, even using traditional charcoal ovens to bake its treats.

Little Nonya’s Cookies can be credited for launching some of CNY’s biggest food crazes over the years, selling over 40,000 bottles of pastries per season. To date, Little Nonya’s Cookies has been invited to festive fairs at Takashimaya, Raffles Exchange and Junction 8 and more. Now open for business all-year round, Little Nonya’s Cookies can be found online and in-store.

We are also proud to present our newly found brand, Little Nonya’s Cuisine where we will be serving you with our authentic Peranakan Kuehs using our passed down recipes dating from 40 years back. We insist in using only the best ingredients and the most traditional cooking methods to let you reminisce the olden days.