About Us

Little Nonya’s Cookies has been a trusted brand by many since we started in 2007. Our customers simply come back to us year after year for the same rewarding taste of our Little Nonya’s Cookies. We believe in celebrating the greatest festive holiday in Singapore, the Chinese New Year with our premium cookies which are created to bring joy, harmony and prosperity to the family. This is why, we put in our commitment to bring to you a great variety of GREAT TASTING premium cookies to tickle your taste buds.
Most of our premium cookies are well received by our fans like the Happy Kueh Bangkit, Vibrant Green Peas, Lucky Almonds, Money Egg Roll and Golden Pumpkin Seeds Crisp, which are often featured in newspapers and magazines. There is with no doubt that we sell out our Little Nonya’s Cookies every year.
As part of returning back to the society, each year we delegate part of our stock to donate to various charity organizations to enjoy this great festival while having their taste buds tantalized at the same time. This is just a part of our CSR program as we strongly believe in sharing the joy. In fact, most of our premium cookies are healthy like our Happy Kueh Bangkit and the Joyous Cranberries Oatmeal that even the grannies are able to indulge in. You can rely on us for the same great taste which is consistent year after year and with those hand-made cookies, we insist on bringing to you only the best quality so that you can enjoy them and also get it as gifts for your loved ones.
Our packaging with our premium cookies is set to impress as it not only tastes good, it will also make you look good when you give these premium goodies away. So, check us out at our various booths when they are open before they sell out again!