Our Founders

Digging deep into how Little Nonya’s  Cookies & Cuisine was born…

Little Nonya’s Cookies was just a side hustle where founder Anthony Tan started out of passion while he was still studying in NUS in 2007.

Drawing from over three generations of Peranakan food heritage, and most of the pastry innovations stand out by blending traditional cooking with viral food trends.

Anthony’s grandmother used to live next to a Peranakan family where she learnt all her Authentic Peranakan cooking skills from her neighbours and imparted them to her daughter (Anthony’s mother), who later passed it down to Anthony himself.

Together with his mum, they baked traditional pineapple tarts out of their home kitchen only during the Chinese New Year period. At the start, their customers were made up of friends and family. However, due to positive response from them, Little Nonya’s Cookies made their way to staff bazaars and eventually invading major shopping malls & departmental stores during the Chinese New Year.

Anthony’s passion in baking and cooking started when he was young. As he had a huge age gap with his siblings, he was always left alone at home and helped his mother bake Pineapple Tarts, Egg Rolls, Kueh Bangkit, Rice dumplings, Nonya Achar, Otak-Otak and Ngoh Hiang during the festive season as gifts to relatives and friends. Eventually, this passion led him to refine all the knowledge he had and that’s where the decision to start to Little Nonya’s Cookies came about.

Little Nonya’s Cookies has been receiving many request from customers to make the cookies available all year round to fulfill their cravings and since year 2020, we are fully operational whole year round and together with Little Nonya’s Cuisine, we aim to bring you not only cookies but also Traditional Nonya Kuehs and cuisine with recipes passed down .

Our Authentic Delicacies

Little Nonya Cookies & Cuisine emphasizes on bringing only quality cookies and authentic peranakan cuisine to our customers. Using only premium ingredients combined with a 3 generation recipe, we try to bring back the nostalgic taste that many of you are looking for. On top of that, we insist that certain products like our Kueh Bangkit, Money Egg Roll and Rice Dumplings be cooked slowly over charcoal fire to enhance the taste and texture!

Best of all, our cookies and nonya cuisine/kuehs are hand made and trust us, we cook all of them with our hearts.


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