White Lotus Single Yolk Mooncake (Low Sugar) – 4 pcs (Out of Stock)

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All our mooncakes are handmade locally in our shop and egg washed individually to achieve the shiny layer. On top of that, we also emphasize on using the best premium white lotus, macadamia nuts and egg york with no artificial coloring being used in our mooncakes.

Weight of each Mooncake: 180g±

* Each Mooncake set comes with a gift bag that holds a gift box and 4 mooncakes individually packed and sealed.

小娘惹饼家的月饼都是在店里纯手工制作,而且是一个一个刷蛋黄以呈现光滑饼皮。只坚持使用上等白莲蓉,澳洲坚果和蛋黄, 也不含色素。

单个月饼重量: 180g±

* 每套月饼都包含一个礼袋,精致礼盒,月饼都是独立包装。

Out of stock


Using our 3 generation passed down mooncake recipe, and insisting on using the most traditional method of making a mooncake, we are proud to present to you our White Lotus Macadamia Nuts Mooncake! Packed with lotsa crunchy macadamia nuts, fragrant white lotus paste, yummy egg york and our traditional mooncake skin, it tastes so heavenly that you are sure to love it~! What’s more, eat with less guilt as they are of low sugar content! 😉

松脆的澳洲坚果, 芬芳的莲蓉,喷香的蛋黄,陪上独家传统饼皮,一定会让你垂涎三尺! 我们的莲蓉是低糖份的,也会减少罪恶感!


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