Prosperity Pineapple Tarts (Out of Stock)

Taste the fragrance of generous pineapple fillings and buttery thin crust! It's so yummy that it is very hard to resist these pineapple tarts!

Out of stock

Lucky Almonds (Out of Stock)

Savor the real taste of almonds that melts in your mouth. A must for almond lovers! Lucky Almonds is one of our bestsellers!

Out of stock

Fortune Peanut (Out of Stock)

Mouth-watering peanut cookies that leaves a strong peanut taste lingering in your mouth! If you are a peanut lover, you gonna love this to the moon and back!

Out of stock

Vibrant Green Peas (Out of Stock)

Soft and melts in your mouth, leaving behind crunchy bites of crushed green peas! Often our Vibrant Green Peas are being featured in newspaper and magazines!

Out of stock

Uniquely Rocher (Out of Stock)

A new kid on the block that will set to rock your taste buds with our almond nuts and chocolate. Definitely going to top the list of Kid's Favorite cookies!

Out of stock

Blackgold Sesame Ball

Making a debut is our black sesame cookie that packs a nutritional punch of benefits!

1 in stock

Happy Kueh Bangkit

Totally handmade and specially created to tickle your taste bud! Our SIGNATURE cookie! Baked using on the most traditional method which is by using charcoal! So you will never find anything like this anywhere else. Our very own Kueh Bangkit!

4 in stock

Super Shrimp Rolls (Out of Stock)

Using on the tastiest Indonesian Shrimps only! Wrapped in crispy popiah skin, some say our hae-bee-hiam  tastes the best!

Out of stock

Magical Black Forest

Bringing you to a magical black forest with a heavenly aroma of the buttery pastry, coupled with chocolate and nuts that leaves you craving for more!

4 in stock

Money Egg Roll

Feast on our thinly rolled crunchy and tasty love letters that makes you crave for more! Grilling over charcoal only is how you do it for the best and most traditional taste!

8 in stock

Newtella Nutty Tarts

Savour the real taste of Nutella and crust like never before!

8 in stock

MaMa LaLas

Out of your imagination cookies, our new invention of Mala Cookies is here to rock your tastebud! Don't shy away from it as you will definitely fall in love it.

20 in stock

Blissful Almond Crisps

Blissful Almond Crisps delivers bliss with every crunch as it is set to deliver that light and fragrant taste you will never forget! It's a must have in your chinese new year must have list!

10 in stock

Golden Pumpkin Seeds Crisps

Subtly sweet with a nutty taste that comes with a chewy texture. Fantastic companion for tea timer!

9 in stock

Kopi-Gao Siew Dai (Out of Stock)

New Kid on the block that will melt in your mouth and leave you asking for more after each bite! This cookie is not sweet and the aroma of kopi left behind in your mouth, its just heavenly. :)

Out of stock